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Our Approach

Cambodian Mango Farms is committed to placing investors first and providing accurate and timely operational and financial reporting. Our management team has extensive experience in the world of Private Equity.  While we are not a Private Equity fund, we have made a commitment to follow the globally recognized Institutional Limited Partner Association (ILPA) guidelines and best practices for Private Equity portfolio company reporting.

Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) Private Equity Principles

ILPA was formed to craft a set of principles meant to restore and strengthen the inherent “alignment of interest” value proposition to private equity. Members must apply and agree to abide by the principles designed by the ILPA.

The ILPA’s Private Equity Principles were developed to encourage discussions between Limited Partners and General Partners regarding fund partnerships in private equity.

  • Alignment of Interest
  • Governance
  • Transparency

These three guiding principles form the essence of an effective partnership beneficial to all parties, and are intended as a base level of recommended best practices. The Private Equity Principles have been well received by the industry, and help promote its long-term health.

Status: Compliant with the reporting principles required for Private Equity portfolio companies